W. John MacMullen
Nu plus ultra / When Jacquie Came to Town
9in x 9in

Cotton sateen fabric, poly batting, cotton bias tape, poly thread. Hand- and machine-stitched.

After meeting Jacquie Gering, I was inspired to come right home and make a small piece that pushes beyond some of the typical features of my textile work (minimalist design, straight lines, precision stitching). Her story of making a Red Cross quilt and her personal commitment to community engagement led to this piece. The small hand-stitched crosses represent individual contributions towards the larger goal. I made the crosses “wonky” since that is normally out of character for me, and left the outer edge raw, since Jacquie said she prefers sharp finished edges. The 1/8″ stitch lines were done freehand, but matchstick quilting happens fast at 1000 spm!